Usaburo Kokeshi

Mar 11, 2020

Mt. Haruna is one of three symbolic mountains of the Jomo District. In Shinto, a village located at the eastern foot of the mountain, vineyards suddenly turn purple in the fall and a sweet scent floats around the wineries. The dreams and adventures of ancient people sleep here deep in the ground as reflected by the large number of earrings excavated at remains of the ancient Jomon period in this area. The Usaburo Kokeshi studio is located in this peaceful region, and the lives of the people who have lived here and the transparency of the air are carved into each of our kokeshi. The surrounding mountains are rich in forest resources. We are blessed with trees of excellent quality, such as table dogwood, a tall deciduous tree with a white bark and subtle grain, and keyaki, a high-quality material with beautiful grain, as well as chestnut trees, cherry trees, and Japanese cypress. As woodworkers, we are proud of our ability to use these trees effectively and bring out their innate characteristics. The forests in Gunma Prefecture serve as “dams of greenery” for providing water to Tokyo and its environs. The mystery of the forests and a love for Mother Earth where fields and mountains exist are the sources of our creativity.

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